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    First, the "nanny worry" full-service, professional investment advice, shop on-site service, tour guide education marketing group, to maximize customer satisfaction.

    Second, education marketing

          "Pre-job training, to shop guidance, improve education, practical work, distance education" Ladder shop training, to build a strong "soft terminal."

    Third, build shops

          District investigation, survey format, location services, interior design, merchandise display, opening promotion, community activities, tourist development plan, shop business growth analysis, store profitability program continued.

    Fourth, the image of the application

          Single store independent design, unified style, unified production, unified identity. The use of the headquarters has been set up in the service image and branding, formed advantage quickly, strengthen its market position.

    V. Operations Support

          Promotion system, risk aversion, shop performance analysis, business diagnosis, performance improvement plan. Regularly assign someone to guide the market, dealers and stores to enhance the management level, management ability, competitiveness; regularly set questionnaire, answer serious practical problems in the management of stores, sales faced;

    Sixth, logistics and distribution

          National networking, dedicated terminal management systems, professionals, partitions and large reservoirs, the provincial logistics agency.

    Seven, market management

          Regional protection, unified price, media advertising, regional linkage, the depth of market development strategy, target incentive and assessment, franchisee development plan, sales statistics analysis. Headquarters and regional protection policies unified national price monitoring system, to protect minimum profit of investors, plus the headquarters efficient logistics system, can store the inventory to a minimum, prevent commodity stock, improve cash flow efficiency investments, improve regional protection system to avoid vicious competition and thin profit divided similar goods, to protect the interests of both sides, for each segment, headquarters, regional protection chain stores.

    Eight, information sharing

          Development Forum, an internal reference. Headquarters set up the routine of shared communication platform, the successful experience of the shop regularly collected, were edited regularly organize into a book, a brand magazine, and made available to all members of the unit within the chain system to learn from, to jointly improve.

    Nine, customer interest

          Value-added services, caring services, consultancy services.