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    LCD splicing screen role in security monitoring systems can not be overlooked

    Editor:admin Date:2015/8/8 Click

  • Because there are many advantages in performance, large-screen display from entering the market, they were in favor of the security monitoring system, and in the security monitoring system, LCD screen splicing the role is not to be overlooked. Mosaic screen performance of the entire security monitoring system can play a crucial role to play its role. Stitching large screen help usher in a new security monitoring market developments climax, leading the new trend of the entire industry.
    LCD splicing screen as a large-screen display of high-end products on the market for traffic safety, energy, electricity, and other fields of security monitoring provides the perfect solution to meet a number of industries, a number of areas on the monitor screen displays applications. From the perspective of long-term development of safety control, the LCD screen splicing of digital security monitoring, scheduling automation, information integration and central control and management functions for security monitoring provides a new path of development.
    Due to the special nature of the security command center monitoring surveillance, monitoring objects, the demand for video resolution and accuracy are very strict, so for the brightness of the LCD products and LCD resolution, patchwork has great demand. The current liquid crystal mosaic base resolution can reach more than 1080P, it has been able to meet the requirement of surveillance video resolution. In the patchwork aspect, minimum patchwork ordinary LCD can do is only 5.3mm.
    The quality of display, LCD seamless splicing greatly enhance the stitching quality, spliced ??between the liquid crystal cell to do perfect, like heaven, OPT technology to create a mosaic effect to perfection suitable for a variety of applications such as video surveillance, precision graphic displays, conferencing systems, financial data display. Seamless liquid crystal display and bring the ultimate visual experience, so on the big screen patchwork requires extremely high application environment, data showed on video precision have improved a great deal to a new level, effectively enhance the authority and enterprises the efficiency of institution.
    In addition, large-screen LCD display large screen also lamp life and its continuous performance makes the most stringent requirements. LCD large-screen products currently on the market can achieve almost continuous trouble-free work for more than 50,000 hours, for individual special industry also developed in addition to certain anti-dust function. LCD screen with the most advanced LED backlight technology, can effectively reduce the temperature of the surface of the screen so that the image displayed on the screen to reduce the residual phenomenon, the screen display more clear and smooth.
    LCD-screen high-definition for the security surveillance offers the best option, so that the information collected to capture the high-definition display monitor screen to get the best results, but also to perform automatic alarm or joint control, more high-definition monitor with the most good display platform, fully meet traffic control, banking supervision, power dispatching, border control, urban management, community safety and other places of security applications.