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    2015 Security Industry market size to reach 500 billion yuan

    Editor:admin Date:2015/8/8 Click

  • Our security industry in the late 1980s in the coastal city on the rise. With the growth of the national economy, in the "fifth" period began rapid growth, the annual compound growth rate of close to 30%. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, with the "Green City", start the "3111 pilot project", "Beijing Olympics" and other major projects, to further expand the size of the market, the industry has achieved rapid growth.
    Prospective Industry Research Institute released "2015--2020 China's Security Industry Market Outlook and Investment Strategy Planning Analysis report" shows that China's security industry market size from 2007 to 140 billion yuan increase of 430 billion yuan in 2014, according to industry development 2015 industry market size to reach 500 billion yuan, China's security industry to achieve rapid development. From 2007 to 2014, the industry compound annual growth rate of 17.39%, while in recent years, the industry has accelerated the trend.