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    Security Chip: HD + smart people how to live

    Editor:admin Date:2015/8/8 Click

  • Security Industry of new technologies, new products, has introduced a new service, its application and popularization of speed, derived from a large number of new requirements, which greatly expand the development space security chip industry. With the recent rapid development of China's security market, security chip market also will be a strong growth.
    Demand security industry gradually clear, chip manufacturers started to pay attention and take the initiative to promote the security of this huge potential market. The security industry has attracted a growing number of chip manufacturers to join, become after industrial automation, consumer electronics and other fields a new profit focal point.
    Despite the security chip in industrial applications and IT aspects particularity chip differ, but the products in their respective fields that they exhibit the same position. Video surveillance industry strides down the road of high-tech high-definition, intelligent, network security chip vanguard role and the pressure is enormous. Security chip in video surveillance industry chain, at the top of the pyramid, in the technical core position in the industrial chain. Security chip determines the overall technical indicators technical indicators overall security monitoring system, including clarity, sensitivity, color, dynamic range, a technique key front-end video capture camera system is that the performance of the core chipset.
    Industry development and technological innovation complementary chips
    Development and technological innovation in the video surveillance industry security chip is a complementary process. Market demand is the driving force of the industry, the development of video surveillance for security chip industry put forward higher requirements, to promote the development of chip technology forward; and the introduction of new security chip manufacturers need to monitor actively to the application and promotion, in order to effectively promote the industry development of. The development process from the video surveillance industry, the analog video surveillance from the 380 lines to 420 lines and then to 600 lines, and subsequent 960H, and then to digital video surveillance 720P, 1080P, without exception, thanks to the chip innovation. IP era in IT since the acceleration of the process, the security chip can be described as the heart and soul security monitoring, and performance of the chip directly determines the device performance quality and price level.
    In general, the mainstream security monitoring chips are divided into two categories:
    Responsible for image acquisition of the image sensor chip and is responsible for the transmission of image processing DSP chip. Manufacturer for image processing and transmission of many DSP chip, the competition is fierce. The image sensor chip design technology is extremely difficult, the technology companies around the world have not more than 60, in which 60 companies, to conduct an independent high-end monitor image sensor technology design company is not more than 10. Although China's security surveillance cameras world-leading manufacturing and processing capacity, but for a long time, the core technology of the industrial chain, mainstream image sensor is designed to be securely Japanese manufacturing enterprises in developed countries in Europe and America and other control, advanced technology features many products does China Enterprise open, so that most of the domestic manufacturers are relying on business model by low technical threshold, the homogeneity of price competition.
    It spawned a huge market capacity breakdown products. With the growth of the security chip market, security chip segments are also imperative. For example: DVR / NVR chip, representatives are Hass Hi3515, Hi3520 used in embedded DVR products and embedded NVR products, mainly focused on multi-channel codecs, multi-service management, and high bit-rate storage requirements, present such chip is the size of the largest class of chips, accounted for about 60% of the main compression chip number. For example: IPC chip used in network camera products, which is the last two years IPC product market matures, these chips focused on high-definition compression, intelligent and ISP processing chip market capacity is not present such as DVR / NVR chip, but you can Predictably, after a period of time, these chips will occupy most of the security market. Other auxiliary chip is mainly used for intelligence and ISP business, DSP and FPGA based, in analog cameras, the kind used in the DSP or FPGA chip ISP lot is applied. And because intelligence analysis products currently on the market capacity is still in its infancy, for an amount less DSP intelligent analysis of the product. With the integration of IPC chips higher and higher, these auxiliary chip functions could eventually merge onto the IPC chip.