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    Vehicle anti-theft product development and analysis of popular anti-theft system

    Editor:admin Date:2015/8/8 Click

  • Automobile anti-theft technology development level reflects the degree of civilization of a country's level and technological developments. Now, with the development of economy and technology, the car alarm at home and abroad of new technologies and new products are emerging.
    Vehicle anti-theft product development
    Whether it is the most traditional of the steering wheel lock, or now increasingly popular GPS technology. It seems to have also secretly achieve increasingly fierce competition. Yes, as technology advances, more and more when the vehicle security system modernization. Our choices are becoming more diverse. However, in the end what kind of vehicle safety device is the most successful it? Traditional mechanical locks whether it really has lagged behind the more modern electronic equipment? Here, we will most common types of vehicle theft tools eleven Come.
    Currently, vehicle anti-theft devices are mainly three types: mechanical anti-theft devices, electronic (electrical and mechanical) anti-theft devices, networked burglar alarm snatches (positioning, tracking) system.
    Mechanical anti-theft device
    The most common vehicle original locks (such as door locks, hood locks, ignition lock) and the owner later added various anti-theft lock (lock to lock the steering wheel, gearshift lever, pedals and other steering components), these a locking device to prevent focuses on preventing the use of the engine. Mechanical anti-theft device in the future remains indispensable, but must be developed. For example, for a cylinder some vehicles may be thieves use a special "key Pizi" forced twist-off, the plug should improve vehicle performance; another example, for a thief to open the vehicle from the engine compartment cover scuttle features to enhance engine cover It locks; if parked position of the vehicle is fixed, you can set up a dedicated mechanical obstruction or four-wheel locking device in its parking position; and so on. The good news is that some vendors have noticed development issues, such as the Beijing company's anti-theft lock interrupt transmission gear unit, the installation in the vehicle gear device, in the locked state, the gearshift lever and gear means "break", with no pull its weight, the gear lever out of action hanging files, and can not drive the vehicle; and if a company's mechatronic locking anti-theft alarm system files, not only mechanical gearshift lever latch means, and the electronic device anti-theft alarm.
    Electronics (electromechanical) anti-theft device
    Current electronic burglar alarm ranging from simple, there are complex and is one of the most widely used anti-theft lock, divided into two one-way and two-way. One-way electronic anti-theft system's main functions are: the car door open, vibration or illegally open the door alarm, and some products can also be used to complete electronic remote engine start, flameout. Visual way electronic anti-theft system more intuitive compared to one-way, to completely let car owners know the reality of the situation, when the car alarm when there is movement, while the LCD display will show the status on the remote control car experience, the disadvantage is effective range is only 100-200 meters.
    According to different ways of working, the electronic alarm system can be divided into four categories: the first is an electronic anti-theft alarm system flash system, the dashboard of a car equipped with light-emitting diodes, can let the owners know the working status of this system, can also pry car theft who deterrent effect; the second electronic alarm system can send a deterrent signal, if someone trespassing car, also can alert owners to the distance; the third is an ultrasonic alarm, ultrasonic alarm is similar to the size of a cassette tape recorder, a signal transmitter can use a high-frequency ultrasonic transmitter emits a pulse of ultrasonic, when someone sneaked into the car, the ultrasonic receiver is disturbed alarms instantly activate the alarm; fourth is talking alarm means that the system in the car around to form a microwave field, when someone strayed into the microwave field, the system of speech synthesis device will issue a warning.
    Networked vehicle anti-theft alarm snatches (positioning, tracking) system
    Networking systems, while not a long history of development in our country, but also there have been a wide variety of systems, some using a wireless paging system, some use public wired and wireless communication systems, some of the establishment of specialized radio transmitting and receiving system, the current There are GPS systems, GSM system and CAS systems. But no matter what the system, it must have at least two major hubs, vehicle-mounted device. Network Center monitoring network in each vehicle and manage the entire network, as a vehicle-mounted device to prevent the vehicle and to keep in touch and network center (it should be on guard against the requirements and functions of the vehicle anti-theft alarm system is basically the same, and because networking needs, it There are bound to receive and display information). Needless to say, the advantages of network-based system is the "anti-technology" plus "air defense", that is to say, your car can be anywhere to be "concerned." Within the network area network between vehicles and keep in touch with the network center, car alarm occurs if the site will be able to get help with positioning, tracking function will not only help in time, but also on the vehicle to accurately implement Zhuidu.