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    Fitted on to the city "golden eyes eyes of fire" intelligent face recognition

    Editor:admin Date:2015/8/8 Click

  • In our daily life, our face recognition technology has become an indispensable part. Then attendance management from access identification, face recognition technology has become one of the authentication methods. However, with technological innovations in the socialization of applications, can guard outside a "small door", some, such as Gateway, the airport and other areas of "gate" is also applied on the face recognition technology.
    To the city installed
    Long before, in "The Third China (Hunan) International Mineral Gem Fair", people once again see the important role of face recognition technology. Intelligent video provider FIRS by definition face than on the system at the exhibition site successfully blocked more than a "blacklist focus on staff" to help the public security system security to arrest fugitives, effective in safeguarding public security and combating terrorism activities role to play in the fight against criminals.
    To the city installed
    Show admission checkpoint at the place of face recognition surveillance
    At the security checkpoint to enter the port, every visitor entering the hall capture human face than to identify suspects just go to the search range, the system will immediately alarm analysis, there are a number of fugitives, drug-related personnel in the event the same day he was arrested on the spot ???
    To the city installed
    Technical analysis of the face, search the video Suspects (Photos from the scene).
    As a strong ability to work with our own function, the system by means of high-definition cameras in the security management applications to capture human face, and to take further analysis and judgment, by triggering an alarm setting, input wanted criminal or suspicious person image information Once the crowd was identified immediately alert, greatly reducing the workload of managers, but also further enhanced the effect embodied intelligence applications.
    To the city installed
    This year, the "mobility security" has become a more fashionable concept. In practical applications, this movement of change is more for the introduction of civil security has brought more space and opportunities. With the advancement of technology, face recognition technology will be more widely applied, face recognition technology will also promote the development of high-definition monitor industry, making the security industry to the next level.

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